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What You Need To Know About Europe’s Premier Beach Destinations


Europe is home to a variety of premier destinations. Due to the wonderfully temperate climate, the quality of the beaches, and the range of accommodation offered, tourists have made European beaches and resorts some of the most popular in the world. The following are just a few of the countries that you can choose from:

Spain- Spain is home to a variety of beach excursions that not only offer top notch beaches, but do so at a relatively affordable price. The experiences range from the exclusive island beaches of Majorca or Menorca, to the beautiful mainland beach resorts along the Mediterranean Sea.

Portugal – Portugal is home to a range of beach resorts. Whether you are a young couple looking for a place to party or a family looking for friendly activities, The Algarve hosts many miles of beaches that are clean and fun for all. Another well-liked beach area in Portugal is The Azores, which offers an array of activities among its nine various island hotspots.

Cyprus – Anyone looking for the perfect balance on their beach holiday should consider Cyprus as their next destination. The warm blue water and beautiful sand is the perfect setting for an incredible mixture of fabulous cuisine – whether your tastes are for the East or the West. Kyrenia is a breathtaking town on the coast that is a must see for the area.

Greece – Greece is known for its sandy white beaches are shining blue water. When coupled with the quaint feeling of home offered in nearly every village, this destination is hard to resist. There is nearly always a breeze to cool down the hot summer days, all of which combines for the perfect beach atmosphere.

Croatia – The Adriatic Sea is the holiday destination for many people because it is so exceptional for sun worshipers. If you love the sun and can not wait to sunbathe then you should definitely visit the National Park Brijuni Islands, as well as Sibenik, Dubrovnik and Zadar. The coast of Croatia will be breathtaking, but be forewarned, not all the beaches are ideal since some of them can have more pebbles and rocks than sand.

Turkey – If you are looking for the best value for what you get, then you can not go wrong with Turkey. Turkey boasts great coasts thanks to the Mediterranean and Aegean seas and it offer some of the best accommodations for the price. You will get clean rooms and friendly faces when you visit any of the beach towns in Turkey. If you do not want to go at the height of the season, then it is best to visit Turkey during the months of June and October. The waters will still be warm and the beaches will be a lot less crowded.

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