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What to Do in Tuscany When It Rains


Ah, Italy! The land of sunshine and warmth! And what about Tuscany, with its green hills and splendid seaside to be enjoyed from June through September? You surely must have read how beautiful it is, and I am sure you also desired to be there ardently! Just imagine waking up in one of the splendid Tuscan villas with your windows opened on one of the most prized countryside landscapes in the world; then continue your day in the warm sun by the swimming pool or walking through a charming medieval village. Sure sounds idyllic. But what would you do if your day started with rain and continued so until evening?

It seldom happens that northern European waterfronts bring upon Tuscany their load of chilled air, cooling off your day and enthusiasm. It is not a recurrent event, but when it happens you cannot spend hours in the sun just chilling out with your family and loved ones, or enjoy evening alfresco meals under the pergola that Tuscan villas usually have. Walking outdoors through town streets can also become more tiresome and less pleasant. However, Tuscany is certainly not less interesting or pleasant with rain. You just need some guidance on the right things to do with this kind of weather.

Have you ever thought of visiting one of the many thermal baths that dot the Tuscan countryside? From Lucca to Grosseto, passing by the territories around Siena, there are tens of natural thermal springs, each one with its beneficial effects, perfect to relax outdoors. Their naturally hot waters can reach temperatures of 39 degrees Celsius, making a rainy and chilly day the perfect moment to plunge into total relaxation. These thermal establishments also offer state-of-the-art beauty farm treatments and wine therapy. If you prefer the wild and free of charge version, the natural spring is usually located in the vicinities of the establishments, where you will be bale to swim into natural warm water ponds.

Museum tours are also a great activity to do when outside the weather is not favorable. Needless to say, Tuscany ranks among the regions of the world with the highest concentration of museums and artistic heritage, so you will not find difficult to spot a permanent or temporary exhibit to enjoy. A fascinating aspect of this land is that you can find outdoor museums to explore, such as the one in the Casentino park, or by the Etruscan coast, with the tombs and acropolis of this ancient people. Etruscan villas in Tuscany are still to be found and admired, such as the one in Poggio Civitate, near Murlo. You will need some light outdoor equipment to enjoy an unexpected side of this splendid land.

The last suggestion includes one of the most important aspects of Tuscany, which is its ancient culinary tradition. During rainy days you can spend delightful hours learning to cook delicious recipes to bring home with you. Renting Tuscan villas will give you the large space necessary to host a personalized cooking class at your holiday rental and then have a dinner what you and your group members have personally prepared! If you prefer you can also find cooking schools you can visit for your class, however this will be a more expensive and less flexible experience.

Therefore, do not despair when you see overcast skies on Tuscany. You now know how to take advantage of every single minute of your holiday and make of it an unforgettable memory.

Matt is an expert traveler of Italy and often enjoys his vacation time at splendid Tuscan villas with pool. With time he has developed a great amount of expertise renting holiday properties, making him a useful resource to inquire for your vacation in Tuscany.

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