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Trekking Tours Through Noble Nepal


Trekking through the mountains of Nepal is not just a wilderness expedition; it is also a fascinating cultural experience. You will enter into remote mountain villages inhabited by diverse ethnic groups and you will see people living a very traditional way of life such as working in the fields and herding their goats along the mountain slopes. You will discover monks chanting in hilltop monasteries and yak drivers carrying their goods over the steep passes.

Nepal is home to several of the earth’s highest mountain peaks and has some of the best trekking in the world. Many people come to Nepal simply to hike the country’s many challenging trails and the tourism industry is well prepared to facilitate your hiking adventure.
You don’t have to be the most experienced hiker to be able to take a trekking holiday in Nepal, as there are many different trails to suit all abilities. Take your time and hike only four or five hours per day, as your body will require some time to acclimatize to the altitude.

Styles of Trekking

There are two main styles of trekkers who make their way through Nepal. The first is the Tea House Trekker, who walks from one local Tea House to the next where they will find their meals and accommodation provided. These houses can be found all throughout the hills and mountains and although some are very basic and rustic they are reasonably comfortable. This is a great way to trek if you don’t want to carry a huge backpack with your supplies on it.

The other style of trekker is the Camping Trekker who takes all of their gear along with them on their back. They usually travel with a team of sherpas and guides and they will set up their tents along the mountainside when they need to stop and rest. This type of trekking requires plenty of planning ahead to organize local camping permits, entrance fees to National park and other details.

Recommended Trails

When you are choosing a trekking tour in Nepal there is a wide variety available, depending on your experience and how much of a challenge you desire.

Everest Base Camp Trek

This is probably the most famous trek in Nepal, and it will take you through the truly amazing mountain peaks of the Himalayas. There are many places to stop and rest along the route and there is no worry about getting lost since any local will be able to point you along the way.

The Annapurna Circuit

This is considered one of the best treks in the world, and it will take approximately 17 to 21 days to complete. It begins in lush green subtropical valleys and climbs all the way up to dizzying mountain peaks.

Island Peak Trek

This is a very challenging trek and it requires a qualified climbing guide, but it will offer you some of the most spectacular scenery in the Himalayas. It starts along the main Everest Base Camp Trek route and then separates at Dingboche.

When to Go

The best season to undertake a trek in Nepal is in the spring or the autumn. Winter is too cold and the temperature will plunge below freezing on most nights, which is not enjoyable when you are sleeping in a tent! Summer is monsoon season and the country is flooded with huge rainfalls. In spring the temperatures are mild and the flowers are in full bloom and in autumn the skies and clear and the weather is pleasant.

Enjoy your trekking adventure in beautiful Nepal!

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