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The laid-back village of Lennox Head


Lennox Head may not be the biggest name on the NSW North Coast, but it is arguably the best name. Lennox has everything to offer that its neighbours have, but has it at a more laid-back pace.

Situated just across a quiet street from a beautiful sandy beach, the village of Lennox Head couldn’t be in a better location.

Right across the street from all the great shops and cafes is the Lennox Head Surf Lifesaving Club, so you can take the kids to the beach and know that they are under the watchful eye of trained lifesavers.

Lennox Head can better be described as a village than a town. Its compact size means than everything is easily within your reach.

Granted, Lennox Head is not renowned for its nightlife, but it is so close to Byron Bay, nothing stops you from taking a short drive up the coast for a night out in the entertainment capital of the North Coast.

If you need to stock up on supplies, the big shopping centres of Ballina are equally easy to get to.

If you’re a surfer, you’ll love Lennox Head. The break just outside of town at the headland from which Lennox gets its name is a classic spot. The rounded stones on the “beach” out at the headland make access to the water more difficult than out at Byron’s Pass.

That’s a good thing, because it keeps the crowds at a minimum. The waves out there are more challenging, too. This is something experienced surfers appreciate.

Everyone still loves Byron Bay, but it has because so famous, it can sometimes become over-crowded. Byron is an exciting place to visit, but not always the best place to stay.

Lennox is a laid-back version of Byron, much like Byron Bay was 40 years ago. It has all the amenities you could want, great beaches and beautiful surroundings.

The only difference is that you don’t have to drive around all day looking for a place to park or take your life into your hands when you cross the street.

Lennox Head’s central North Coast location makes it an ideal place to start your exploration of the rest of the region.

You can take a fairly direct route to the wonderful village of Bangalow. From there, you can go on to Lismore and all the great National Parks and other inland attractions of the north coast you might otherwise miss.

Make Sunday your excuse to go exploring the region. Check out the schedules of the north coast markets and head for Bangalow, Byron Bay, the Channon or Mullumbimby. Each has a market day on a different Sunday of the month.

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