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Spain tightens travel restrictions as deaths surge


Most flights with Brazil and South Africa are suspended.

Spain announced on Tuesday that it was restricting travel with Brazil and South Africa, as the country reported the highest daily COVID-19 number since early April.

According to the Ministry of Health, another 724 people were killed by the infectious disease. The last time the country recorded more deaths in one day was April 9, 2020.

The tragic increase in deaths was due to a decrease in coronavirus infections as well as hospital admissions.

Just over 29,000 new infections were reported – a decrease of nearly 7,400 from last week’s day.

And although the number of active hospital admissions decreased, 24% of all hospital beds and 45% of all intensive care units in the country are still used by COVID-19 patients.

The calculation of hospital capacity includes temporary beds, such as 14 new intensive care units installed in a Catholic chapel in a hospital in Granada.

While non-COVID patients are still being treated, many Spanish hospitals, especially intensive care units, are operating at well over 100% capacity.

Travel restrictions

The government has announced that from Wednesday most trips from Brazil and South Africa will be suspended due to concerns about the new variants of the coronavirus, which are feared to be more difficult to treat and more contagious.

Spain has already discovered at least one case of the South African Art.

On Monday, four travelers from Brazil were tested positive at Madrid Airport and taken to quarantine centers. Whether they wore the variant remains to be seen.

Due to the new flight restrictions, residents and citizens of Spain or Andorra can continue to fly back from the countries concerned.

Spain also allows some travelers from these countries to fly to Spain if they stay at the airport and have a stay of less than 24 hours.

Similar travel restrictions already apply to the United Kingdom, although a “joint transfer” of the British variant has already been established in several areas of Spain.

The vaccination campaign in Spain continues to be sluggish, mainly due to a lack of supply. Up to 1.7 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered – 95% of all received.

In total, more than 418,000 people have received both doses of the vaccine, mainly residents of nursing homes and health professionals.

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