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Popular Sights in Cairo, Egypt


The Pyramids and the Sphinx

Listed as a famous sight in the world are  the Sphinx, and the Giza Pyramids, now the only remaining monument of the famous “Seven Wonders of the World.” The Pyramids of Giza consist of the most amazing and world-renowned features in all of Egypt. The sites you will see in Giza are so revered that that they are downright iconic of Egyptian culture.

The Cairo Citadel

A number of mosques that keeps rare reliefs, mementos and artifacts captures visitor’s interests  , such as Al-Azhar and Ibn Tulun.  One of the most interesting sites is the  Cairo Citadel; the ancient buildings, mosques and Islamic art will surely amaze you   . Just know that if you travel to an Islamic mosque it is respectful to remove your shoes, and to make sure all women in your group wear scarves.

The Egyptian Museum

If you desire to see a real museum in Cairo, it is best to start and end your visit in the Egyptian Museum found in Midan Tahrir, it is also known as Libertion Square. Among other Cairo museums this one is a standout as it displays over 136,000 items, whole hundreds of thousands of artifacts wait in the basement. The museum was first established in 1835, and was first constructed to prevent looting, not necessarily boost tourism. However, by 1858 the museum officially opened and now in 2008 over 1,500,000 tourists visit it every year, not to mention 500,000 local residents.

There are currently plans to transport the museum closer to the vicinity of the Giza Pyramids and rename it the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The Coptic Museum

In Old Cairo, the home of Cairo’s Coptic Christian community, you can see the Coptic Museum. First opened in 1908,  most of what you’ll see are on Coptic art and relics dating back to Late Antiquity , which stemmed from the late Roman Empire and to the Islamic conquests. Visitors noted the unique architecture of the building making it an interesting sight to see   with its detailed wooden screens called “mashrabiyya.”

Other Museums

Other museums of interest include the Gayer-Anderson Museum, a collection of war antiquities, the Ethnological Museum, which has various costumes and village crafts, the National Geographic Society Museum and the Manial Palace Museum, built by Prince Mohamed Ali.

There are many museums worth visiting in Cairo, as this is a long-surviving city that has been reworked for tourism. Come and see animportant part of human history.

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