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Places to visit in Birmingham


Birmingham, England’s second largest city, is a place to be seen with its Cadbury chocolate and all its glory.

We can say that the definition of canal city is the most appropriate definition for Birmingham. When most people think of the canal, Venice comes to mind. Birmingham has more channels than Venice.


What are the free activities in Birmingham?

You can do many free and raw activities in Birmingham. Explore the canals and historic buildings of the iconic Gas Street Basin, and if you’re fond of gems and food, Birmingham is for you. Don’t forget to attend the St.Patric Day parade.

Finding an enjoyable day-to-day escape is just 20 miles away from Birmingham. You will meet with Coventry.

List of 8 places to see that we have prepared for you.

Places to visit in Birmingham :

1. Victoria Square & Birmingham City Center

The heart of Birmingham revolves around Victoria Summer Square and can be explored from downtown Birmingham. (Places to visit in Birmingham)

Along the way, you will discover the attractive Old Town building, built in 1832 and the main structure of Victorian architecture.

Reminiscent of a Roman temple, this impressive structure has 40 decorative Corinthian columns made of Anglesey marble and is the center of the city’s musical scene, hosting Ilya Mendelsohn’s first performance since 1847.

Regus Birmingham Victoria Square business center, located in a remarkable building in the center of Birmingham’s most important central business district, offers a view from Victoria Square to the stunning Municipal Palace. The center has 9 meeting rooms and conference rooms for 4-30 people.

2. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is famous for its pre-Raphaelites that are part of the world’s largest public Raphael collection.

Discover the fascinating history of the Staffordshire treasure, the largest treasure of Anglo-Saxon gold found in its own gallery.

Birmingham’s historical collections occupy most of the 3rd floor, Birmingham: people are widely featured in the History Gallery.

You can also see art and objects spanning European and world history and culture over seven centuries. This includes Greeks, Romans, and Ancient Egypt.

Also you can visit Birmingham museum website:

3. Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

You can learn how doctors can carry out the rescue and travel to Birmingham’s amazing industrial past under one roof.

The award-winning Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham offers an educational and fun day for the family.


From steam engines and talking robots to iced bowls and a chocolate packaging machine, Tinktank has more than 200 practical displays related to science and technology.

Inside the impressive Millennium Point building at Thinktank, you’ll find four floors of practical exhibits and historical collections that will showcase, surprise, and inspire the science of the world around you.

Everyone has things to do, including the Science Garden, planetarium, and a fascinating program of events and events.

Admission: £ 13.50

4. National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

Explore amazing jellyfish, take a look at Asian short-tailed water samurai, and try 4D cinema before diving deep into the rainforest to face deadly piranhas and poisonous dart frogs.

You can now dive into the world of mud, sting and brainless jelly in Jelly Invaders!


Be amazed by gentle gelatinous pictures that roam around a sparkling underwater wonder and unleash your mysterious abilities despite having brains and bones, these dazzling creatures are survivors, even living dinosaurs!

What jellyfish mysteries you will discover in the hidden depths of the ocean

Availability: Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Price: £105 per person

5. Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

The Jewelery Quarter is a traditional neighborhood of birmingham. Here, more than 200 jewelry workshops and jewelers store 40 percent of British jewelry, mostly near the clock tower on the corner of Weiss and Frederick streets, and St. Paul’s Church.


Be sure to visit the Jewelery Neighborhood Museum, which offers an interior view of the charming Smith & Pepper factory, one of the main attractions in the area. To commemorate the 14,000 city dwellers who died in World War II in 1925, the St. Paul Square should also be considered.

6. St. Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham

Having been Birmingham Cathedral since 1905, St. Philip Church was designed by Thomas Archer and was built between 1711 and 1725. One of the few churches in the English baroque style and one of the smallest cathedrals in England.

Official website: http://www.birminghamcathedral.com/

7. Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham

What is the role of the museum or gallery in the pandemic?
With a £ 40,000 grant from the Arts Foundation Respond & Reimagine, the hairdresser is launching a major health, well-being and arts initiative for 2021.
This ambitious project has four interrelated aspects: a resident nurse, talking about death and wanting to die, applying to a nursing home, and a social dating pilot.

Find out more about this innovative program on our website – don’t forget and you can join us! Until February 7, applications are still open for our role of hairdressing health Coordinator.

Official website : http://barber.org.uk/

8. Birmingham Back to Backs

Court No. 15, Inge Street, represents one of the last remaining courts in the backyards in England. These types of houses were literally built in the backyard around a common courtyard.

In the 1960s, all the belts behind Birmingham were torn down. Court # 15 survived because it still had a role to play: the front houses were abandoned for use as workshops, and the back ones turned into workshops and warehouses.


The entrance from the street to the courtyard was made with wide round arched passages.

Although Court 15 is built cheaply and quickly – for example, the jumpers on the walls and doors, which are only a brick thick, and the windows at the back, have features that separate Court 15 from the healthier ships nearby.

Official website : http://www.nationaltrustcollections.org.uk/

Where should I go Birmingham today ?

Places to visit in Birmingham:
  • Birmingham Back to Backs.
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.
  • National Motorcycle Museum.
  • Symphony Hall. 2,740
  • Library of Birmingham.
  • Villa Park Stadium.
  • Winterbourne House and Garden.
  • Birmingham Hippodrome.
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