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Kenya – Enjoy the Best of Nairobi Attractions


Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and when it comes to tourist attractions, the city has a lot to offer its guests.There are a number of things to do in the country and you can decide not to go outside the capital by enjoying a number of Nairobi attractions.During your stay in the city here are a few of the places which you can visit.

On your way to Ngong Hills you can have a really good time by visiting Karen Blixen Giraffe Center which is a few kilometres from the city.This area has a house that was built around 1910 and is so well maintained that it still looks good making it a historic area in spite of it not having a great number of giraffes.It also has a museum that has gardens that are landscape in a beautiful manner and you get to fall in love with the place right from the parking lot.

You can have a breathtaking view of the Ngong Hills once you reach that place.A lady from Denmark visited the country and established the place after whom the place is named.This place is the right place in Nairobi if you are willing to hold a party with a touch of wildness and other such occasions.

The Nairobi museum is located only one and half kilometre from the city centre and will help you to learn more about the Kenyan history and its people.

You can also take a look at the dinosaur fossils that were discovered several years ago apart from the section about the people that displays the developments of many tribes in the country.You can visit the Nairobi Snake Park situated opposite to the main museum if you love snakes or if you are willing to learn more about Kenyan history you can visit the education centre located in the museum.These two are usually open from 09:30 am up to 06:00 pm local time with a small entry fee being charged at the entry gate.

If you do not visit the Nairobi National Park, your visit is far from being over.Very few capitals in the world have national parks and Nairobi is one of those capitals.Located around 7 kilometres from the city and it has almost all kind of wild animals you can find anywhere in the country of the continent.

All the tall buildings that characterize Nairobi city are seen while you are there.You can be in the city during the months of July through to August if you want to see the Zebra and the wildebeest migration which is like one of the wonders of the world.

Staying in Nairobi and visiting some of these and many more attractions in and around the city will for sure give you a complete picture of the country.You surely can get an experience by checking out what the capital has to offer if you don’t have enough time to visit the rest of the country.

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