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Gran Canaria (Spain) Travel Information


Gran Canaria is the third largest of the Canary Islands and is popular for its beaches in the south and the lush mountain area in the north. Many people associate Gran Canaria purely with the beach resorts but for sporty and active travelers there is also plenty to do too. And if you like to experience a bit of the local culture when on holiday there are museums, historic towns and churches to explore.

Holiday Resorts – The beaches and holiday resorts are the obvious reasons to visit Gran Canaria and with lots of sandy beaches to chill out on and blue seas to swim or snorkel in you can’t beat the place for a traditional fun holiday in the sun. This is also a great destination for those who like their nightlife with bars, clubs and restaurants aplenty. You can party all night in the summer months!

Water Sports – Also on offer at the various beach resorts are endless opportunities for water sports. The area has a good reputation for its water sports and because it is the breeziest of the Canary Islands it is a great place for those who enjoy sailing or windsurfing. Other water-based activities include fishing excursions, scuba diving, surfing and canoeing and kayaking.

Camel Safaris – You can get a taste of desert life by taking a camel safari across the Las Maspalomas sand dunes. This is a unique way to see more of the authentic Gran Canaria and take in some breathtaking scenery.

Hiking and Walking – Gran Canaria isn’t just the place to go for a beach holiday if you are a keen walker or hiker you will find lots of opportunities for walking in the north of the island. There are over 30 protected nature areas in this part of Gran Canaria and lots of trails and hikes for walkers who want to enjoy the great outdoors and admire the spectacular scenery.

Museums and Galleries – The Castillo de la Luz is a 16th Century castle that houses art exhibitions and is well worth a visit if you have time. There is also the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno which is Las Palmas’s main modern art museum. The Museo Canario is the island’s main museum and houses the largest collection of Cro-Magnon skulls in the world! You will also find early examples of pottery and utensils from the island here as well as a few mummies. The Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología is a technology museum that will appeal to children. There are lots of fascinating displays many of which are hands on.

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