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Choosing a holiday resort for your Egyptian family trip


Egypt is a year round vacation vacation location with a little something for everyone. A few years ago, there was only really a choice of one or two beach resorts; Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada. Today, there is way more being offered to the holiday maker.

For those trying to find night life after a day in the sun, Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh are the places to be. Nevertheless, it is very important to make certain you keep in mind where your hotel is in relation to the centre as a lot of them can be several miles away. However, many hotels do run free of charge shuttle buses or taxi cabs are very low priced.

For divers, any of the areas are ideal but the Marina Lodge at Port Ghalib has the most desirable setup for all scuba divers. The dive centre is positioned at the lodge and there are loads of awesome dive sites in easy reach of the day boats. More to the point, it is nowhere near as hectic as locations like Sharm.

For divers with a non-diving spouse and kids, the Hilton in Nuweiba is the best option. The diving here is primarily shore based which means you don’t have to be away from the loved ones all day long which is what happens on day boats.

For golfers, the choice of choices is developing constantly but the best value is found at Taba Heights. From the fairways, you look down at the ocean and 3 different nations are visible; Egypt, Israel and Jordan.Taba is also recommended for those who want to pop over to explore the Israeli vacation resort of Eilat.

For those in the market for a peaceful, soothing holiday, El Quseir is undoubtedly one of the quietest. The superb self contained resorts mean you can spend your getaway between your room, dining areas, the seaside and pool. El Quseir is on a stretch of coast with a number of tranquil resorts most notably Soma Bay, Safaga, Makadi Bay and El Gouna.

Any of the places to stay near Hurghada are a most wonderful choice for those who want to head out on day excursions. Luxor with its unique treasures is a 4 hour or so bus ride away and it is also possible to take a tour to Cairo and the Pyramids by road. When deciding on your resort for your Red Sea holiday, there is definitely no shortage of choices.

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