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Australia’s Capricorn Coast For a Tropical Vacation


Queensland’s Capricorn Coast gets its name from the fact that it is situated on the Tropic of Capricorn. If you know anything about the Tropic of Capricorn, you will know that it marks the southernmost tropical latitude. This makes for an ideal tropical climate, being a little cooler than many other hot and humid tropical locations. In Queensland, Keppel Bay is crossed by this invisible line and the coastal regions and islands surrounding Keppel Bay are the Capricorn Coast.

Yeppoon’s population of sixteen thousand won’t appeal to you if you are looking for a Gold Coast style tropical vacation. If you are looking for a laid back tropical vacation in a place that has just enough restaurants, bars and cafes to satisfy your appetite but an absence of all the annoying hype and hustle, then you will love Yeppoon and its community.

That’s not to say that the lucky locals in Yeppoon aren’t there to help make your stay enjoyable. On the contrary, they welcome visitors and will go out of their way to make sure your holiday is a memorable one. If you are the type of person who welcomes a pretentious atmosphere and overpriced meals and attractions, then Yeppoon is not the place for you. In Yeppoon, you can enjoy a great meal at a delightful alfresco sidewalk café just a short stroll away from a tranquil beach and the turquoise sea, but your day won’t be spoiled when your friendly local waitress delivers your bill.

If even Yeppoon is too big and busy for you, there are many other smaller Capricorn Coast communities to choose from. Those who come to the Capricorn Coast to explore Great Keppel Island often choose to stay in the Rosslyn area, because its harbor is where the ferry lands. All the action in Rosslyn is centered around the harbor. Step away from the harbor and you can have the long, pristine Kemp Beach almost all to yourself or you can go a little further south and explore Bluff Point National Park on its well maintained walking track.

Great Keppel Island is better known than any other place on the Capricorn Coast. There’s a reason for this. It is simply beautiful. Great Keppel Island has everything you want in a tropical resort except for the price tag and the pretension. You can take your pick of 14 pure white sandy beaches, explore easily accessible coral reefs with just a mask and snorkel, enjoy a leisurely or challenging walk through stunning tropical forests or just relax in the sun. The ferry ride from Rosslyn Bay takes only half an hour, so you can spend the day on Great Keppel Island or stay a week if you like – the choice is yours.

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