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Australia Exciting Activities on Kangaroo Island


Kangaroo Island is an up and coming tourist location that attracts around 130,000 visitors annually from all over the world. Kangaroo island accommodation is affordable and easy to find within proximity to the Island’s many iconic beaches and fun activities. You may be concerned while planning your trip to Kangaroo Island that there may be less there to do than there would be if you took a trip to Sydney or Perth, but that is not the case. Kangaroo Island, founded in the early 19th century but possessing an archaeological Aboriginal history dating back 13,000 years, has a fascinating and rich history as well as immensely colourful wildlife and local culture that will create a memorable vacationing experience for you and your family that you will never forget.

What to Do on Your Vacation
Tourism is a growing industry on Kangaroo Island, so its tourist sites are getting more and more friendly and extensive every year. The Island is home to many old iconic lighthouses that are still operational. You can see them all, as well as all of the island’s beaches, from Mount Thisby, or Prospect Hill as it is now known in honor of Matthew Flinders, the first European discoverer of Kangaroo Island. From the lookout on Prospect Hill, you can get a 360-degree view of the beautiful island in its entirety.

Kangaroo Island is most famous for its wildlife conservation efforts and interesting indigenous animal populations. The island is home to many wildlife activities, conservation sites and natural wonders. Seal Bay is the locale of the island’s famous sea lions, and guided tours are available there for tourists to see the native sea lions up close. The Pardana Wildlife Park also includes many of the island’s special animal species, and tourists can go there to learn more about the natural history of the island, interact with the animals there in their natural habitats and see exotic animals from all over the area.

Kangaroo Island Penguin Centre at Kingscote offers guided tours of the fairy penguin colony, so visitors can see penguins in their natural environment. The centre also has saltwater aquariums, which are available for visitors to learn all about the local marine life on Kangaroo Island and understand the ecosystems within the reefs and seas surrounding Kangaroo Island. Every day at the Penguin Centre there is also an exciting opportunity to watch a pelican feeding, which can be very entertaining and educational for both adults and children.

The natural world of Kangaroo Island is amazing to behold. Little Sahara is an area on the south coast of the island with huge sand dunes that look like a miniature desert. Murray Lagoon is another great site, filled with examples of the island’s unique and diverse aquatic bird life. In addition to these few iconic locations, the island is covered with walking trails, campsites and natural parks, as well as naturally occurring caves.

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