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A Visitor’s Guide To the Egyptian Pyramids


Egypt’s wealthy history awaits the adventurous tourist – even if you’re not prepared to ride a disgruntled camel across desert wastes. Numerous people don’t realize that the Giza pyramids (only the most famous in Egypt – you will find more than 90 of them) are located in what are now the suburbs of Cairo. Being the only remaining site from amongst the 7 Wonders of the World, the Giza pyramids possess a long history as a tourist destination, and contemporary Cairo makes it simple for the modern traveller to encounter the glory of the past.

Probably the most affordable way to get to the Giza pyramids site from the center of Cairo is on the buses that run from Midan Tahrir, the central square in Cairo. It is easy to locate the buses that will take you. The simplest method is to take a cab, however have the driver agree on a sensible cost before you depart. Ask a local what the trip should cost before you jump in. Your hotel may offer a bus/tour package and that may be the best and simplest approach, especially if you’re not the adventurous type.For the tourist wishing to experience the area on a more conventional mode of transport, there are camel and horseback services available. Nothing surpasses exploring historical Egyptian historic sites from atop a four-legged beast. Many recommend horses over camels, though, as camels can be relatively problematic sometimes.

When you arrive at the pyramids, you’ll no most likely be surrounded by tour guides and sellers of cheap tourist goods. Be resolute and ask your hotel staff or a local beforehand what the honest price should be for one of several possible tours. You will find likely to be many who wish to separate you from your dollars, euros, or other currencies. Don’t be afraid to haggle a little – it’s part of the culture and it is a great way to interact with the locals – plus it is anticipated – no one will be offended if you generate a tough bargain.

The Pyramids of Giza are one of the must-see locations for just about any world traveller. Plan a trip now and make the most of low off-season prices. And whilst you are there, ensure that your family and buddies can effortlessly call Egypt to hear about your adventures whilst you are having them. It’s possible to make cheap calls to Egypt 24/7 through one of the low-cost telecom services obtainable. Discover ancient Egypt without losing touch with the 21st century!

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