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A Backpacker’s Paradise: Khao San Road, Bangkok


A whirling and chaotic universe of weaving tuk-tuks and scooters, neon signs and weathered canopies, funky dance beats and blaring horns, Khao San Road is a sensory overload. This street is one of the most exciting spots in the city of Bangkok, and just walking down it is an adventure!

Khao San Road is a short street, located in the heart of central Bangkok, in the Banglamphu area. It is within one kilometre from the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and within walking distance of many of the interesting tourist sites in Bangkok.

Khao San Road was once a rice market, and its name means “milled rice road”. However, these days the district has been transformed into a world famous backpacker hotspot thanks to its ridiculously cheap accommodation, tasty street food, and lively atmosphere. Within this one street you will find everything that you could possibly need as a visitor to the city, including cars, convenience stores, pharmacies, show stores, internet cafes, currency exchanges, laundry, shopping, and so much more. However, it is also the worst place in the city for scammers and hustlers, so if someone tries to offer you a deal on worthless gems or a free tuk-tuk ride, just smile and keep on walking.

You will also find many interesting travellers hanging out at the cafes and sipping Chang beer with their friends. Start up a conversation, and you will hear endless travel stories from visitors all over the world who are exploring Thailand.


This spot is a jumping off point for travellers as a huge number of coach buses leave from Khao San Road each day to all the major tourist destinations in Thailand. There are also many travel agents along the road which help visitors to arrange visas and book transportation to other destinations in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.


The pubs and bars of Khao San Road will be filled with local residents and students, as well as travellers from all over the world. It is one of the best places in the city to dance and party all night long. Khao San Road has some of the cheapest bars in all of Bangkok, and spending a night out here at least once on your trip is a must. If you get tired of socializing with other travellers and you want to go where the locals hang out, check out some of the artistic and indie bars on the nearby Ratchadamnoen Klang Road or Phra Athit Road which are popular with the local art students.

Many bars are open 24 hours, but the nightclubs only stay open until 1am. However, if you want to keep on partying the exception is Gazebo Club which stays open long after the others shut down. Remember to bring your passport, as all of the nightclubs in Bangkok will require you to show it as identification upon entry.

Of course you need to get to Bangkok first and as a relatively light traveller you should have no problems finding flights to Thailand and you may even get a deal if you can fit everything into hand luggage!

Enjoy soaking up the Khao San Road atmosphere and exploring this chaotic and exciting area of Bangkok.

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