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5 Places To See In Roma


If you were to be given an opportunity to sum up an experience in Rome, Italy in as little as two words, if you are like many people, the words would be ‘historic’ and ‘busy’. Rome is over 2,700 years old but still has its charms and attractions that make it one of the most popular tourist hubs in the world. The city is simply just full of history, with a huge amount of impressive ancient Roman monuments and rich architectural history. This city is really like no other in the world with very fast and thick tourist attractions awaiting an avid explorer. Almost every attraction in Rome describes history. Here are the top 5 places that are a must see in Rome.

The Mouth of Truth

This is a very interesting and fascinating tourist attraction that is a must see in Rome. Located in the atrium of the in-famous St. Mary’s in the Cosmedin Church, it is a very famous grim marble mask that was found half-buried during the medieval era. The popular legend surrounding this attraction that is known as Bocca della Verità in the local dialect is that if you put your hand inside that mouth and then go ahead and lie, the mouth will shut and prevent you from withdrawing your hand until you tell the truth. How interesting would it be to try that?

Capitoline Hill – the Piazza del Campidoglio

The second place that you need to visit when on a tour in Rome is the Capitoline Hill, specifically because of the Piazza del Campidoglio. This is a squared structure that dates back to 1538 when it was designed by the infamous Michelangelo, and at one time it had a prominent statue made of bronze of the infamous Marcus Aurelius. All the 3 sides of this attraction are bordered by museums (the Palazzo Nuovo and the Palazzo dei Conservatori) plus the Palazzo dei Senatori, all which are home to world famous statues.

The Trevi Fountain

Another very impressive and stunning tourist attraction in Rome is the Trevi Fountain, justifying the huge crowds of both tourists and locals visiting the place on a daily basis. Most people would toss coins in the Fountain, which ends up collecting a substantial amount of money every year before it is donated to charity. It is a beautifully carved marble masterpiece statue that represents where the ocean comes from.

Spanish Steps

Also worth visiting are the Spanish Steps, another yet stunning and delightful setting evocative of the baroque period. It is a spectacular and breathtaking set of stairs dating back to 1723, and whose name originates from a nearby Spanish embassy structure.

Piazza Navona

The last place that you must visit when in Rome is the Piazza Navona which boasts four grandiose water fountains. The most famous of these is the ‘Fountain of the Four Rivers” which dates back to 1651 when it was designed and constructed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Rome also has a large number of museums which are home to some world-famous masterpieces, paintings, artworks, and sculptures of world-renowned artists like Pinturicchio, Bottecelli, Raphael, and Belini to mention but a few.

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