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5 Places in Canada You Must Visit!


Are you planning a trip to Canada, or planning to plan a trip to Canada? Well here is a list of 5 great things you should do if you are lucky enough to go. Canada is of course the sister of the USA and sometimes is neglected when people want to cross the ocean for a holiday. Canada is a beautiful country with a blend of American values and European tendencies. The French influence is present over most of the country and if you move further north you will encounter some fantastic mountain and wildlife experiences. Start planning your trip now and enjoy this list!

CN Tower

The CN Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world and a beautiful building towering above the skyline of Toronto. You can journey up the tower for amazing views over the city and of Lake Ontario which is also visible from the viewing station. The SkyPod viewing station is the tallest of its type in the world at 147 stories. In 1995 it declared as one of the 7 modern wonders of the world. A city trip to Canada would not be complete without going up this tower for some unique photographs and memories.

Quebec Winter Carnival

If you are planning to visit in winter, then for 2 weeks in January you can participate in the Winter Carnival. People from all over the world come to see the parades, concerts, ice structures and other activities. You can try ice skating or dog sledding if that interests you. It would be a perfect opportunity to stay in the Ice Hotel if you think you can brave the cold. The Winter Carnival is the biggest of its type in the world, and the 3rd biggest carnival generally.

Watch Polar Bears at Churchill

The Churchill Wildlife Reserve is home to a high density of Polar bears and is an essential visit for any animal and nature enthusiasts. Polar bear visitng is something taht only Canada holidays can offer. Churchill is situated in Manitoba, a cold ice part of Canada. Yours can be taken to visit the famous animals and see them in a natural environment. An essential excursion, surely?

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the biggest park in Vancouver and is the size of some small towns, totalling in at over 1000 acres. There is a designated path around the park stretching 8km for roller bladers, cyclists and joggers to move through. There is plenty to do here for all the family on a trip as the park has an Aquarium, as well as miniature railway tracks, water park, heated swimming pool, farmyard and outdoor theatre. Your only minutes away from the city centre too, which adds to convenience.

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are one of the world’s most celebrated mountain ranges and are iconic of Canadian landscape. The stretch over the north-west coast and can be seen from a tran or boat. the Rockys are a popular visit for Alaska Cruises. A tour of this part of Canada is highly recommended. The tour will be cold, as the mountains are covered in snow, but the scenery is amazing and unforgettable, the perfect way to end (or start!) your Canada Holiday.

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