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3 Things Should Bring When Travelling Egypt


Egypt is a modern country that contains almost everything you would need. However there are also places in Egypt that don’t have the necessary amenities. As a tourist whose wish is to explore this beautiful country, it is best to come prepared. Here are 3 things that you should bring when travelling to Egypt.

Wide brimmed hats, sun glasses and other covering. The main thing to consider in going to Egypt is the heat. If you are white skinned too much heat can burn you up pretty fast. If you are not careful you may end up having a heat stroke. So don’t forget to bring wide brimmed hats, sun glasses and other coverings such as scarves and arm guards. This is especially important for those who are not accustomed to being exposed in extreme heat. Bringing hats and coverings will protect your skin from the harsh heat of the sun.

Water bottle. Too much sun exposure can lead to dehydration. The Egyptian sun is tricky. In humid countries like Thailand or the Philippines, you sweat a lot so you know that you need to drink up and replenish lost fluids. But in Egypt it is so hot that you don’t even sweat. Your skin just dries up. So you need to carry around a water bottle to ensure that you regularly replenish lost fluids. There are water bottles that have a fan (which battery operated) and sprayer attached to it. This is great to carry around as it can help alleviate hotness even if just a little bit.

Sun block. A sun block is another must have. In buying sun block make sure to get the one with the highest SPF (Sun Protection Factor). And reapply every 1 – 2 hours. It is common for first time tourists to be so busy going from one tourist spot to another that they forget to reapply sun block. As a result they get painful sunburns. Just in case you get sun burns you might as well bring Aloe Vera Gel. This is a great product of Forever Living. It feels cool and soothing on the skin and can really provide relief from sun burns. This can also be used for cuts, burns and insect bites.

Of course in vacationing to Egypt you are going to need several more items. But for me these are the top three things you should never forget when travelling to Egypt.

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